commons and commoning, centred on reproductive labour and its collectivisation
Agency + Capacity-building
Buen vivir (Sumak kawsay)
'a life that is worth living'
"In buen vivir, humans are only stewards of the earth and its resources, and individual rights subjugated to that of communities and nature."
Collecting, applying and inventing tools for self-organisation:
(e.g. consensus decision making)
Grassroots approaches to democracy

Acknowledging eco-interdependency with all other beings + environment (Amaia Perez Orozco, ecofeminist).
Mutual care
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro + Déborah Danowski
Constructing commitment to new norms + models of social reality
(Patricia Reed, Constructing Assemblies for Alienation*)
"strategies of indeterminacy, flexibility, and collective participation."
Oskar Hansen, Open Form
Radical Pedagogies - Alternative forms of learning
The Field
Rethinking interdependency - interdependency based on mutuality + reciprocity instead of exploitation (Paolo Plot, friend from The Field, initiator of the Job De-Centre).
Facilitation - exploring and working through aspects of leadership, power, the messiness of living, working and organising together, its conflict and challenges
Body work
Developing a sensitivity and fluency towards our bodies.
"Our bodies have reasons that we need to learn, rediscover, reinvent... Since the power to be affected and to affect, to be moved and move, a capacity which is indestructible... is constitutive of the body, there is an immanent politics residing in it: the capacity to transform itself, others, and change the world."
Silvia Federici, In Praise of the Dancing Body
Soma: an anarchist play therapy
Collective and process-oriented learning + teaching
Creativity Exercises
"creativity as a form of agency that is brought to life when the web of relations and roles surrounding the individual is dislodged... an interpersonal agency that enables critical, community-based learning. This does not mean the passive intake of information units, but the (inter)active shaping of personalities and interpersonal relations, the conscientization and the empowerment of groups and individuals, so that they can be critical and responsible social actors."
Instituting devices for sharing material but also emotional reproductive labour
Embodied research
Practical applications of theory. Experiential, experimental, relating to every day experience, accessible.
How is/could organisation be done?

Folk politics
Language/the Voice
Exploring the effects of inventing language
what is the language that does something to the body?
"the human microphone is neither “human” nor “microphone.” It is not a microphone because it does not rely on variations in voltage to render a source as faithfully as possible while suppressing background noise. Rather, it facilitates the multiple, the multiplication of voices, and at the same time it produces “background noise” instead of suppressing it. The purpose is then not (only) to render linguistic material as accurately as possible, not a pure reproduction of linguistic content, but rather a continual unfolding of the enunciation."
Gerald Raunig, n-1. Making Multiplicity. A Philosophical Manifesto
*Constructing Assemblies for Alienation
"In the face of daunting complexity, assembly today is tasked with the development of cultures of and for constructive alienation, a peculiar form of alienation that separates (from what is) as much as it
enjoins (orients collective activity towards what could be). If the reproduction of social reality (ideology) is always constituted by a recursive interplay between space and its ‘vocabulary’ of uses, it’s our pressing labor to construct a foreign tongue to articulate desired estrangement."
Patricia Reed, Constructing Assemblies for Alienation
Diversity + Difference - Facilitating multiplicity
A coming together of difference that doesn't universalise
Inventing practices + spaces for the expression of different voices
"to allow for variance and thus to enhance the adaptability of living systems"
Christine Von Weizsäcker, Fehlerfreundlichkeit Eigenschaft alles Lebendigen, Technikkriterium, Zivilisationsleistung
Feminist New Materialist Philosophies
Karen Barad
Donna Haraway
Cornelius Cardew
Scratch Orchestra
What kinds of structures stimulate agency, movement + adaptability?

Process Philosophy
Deleuze + Guattari
Brian Massumi

Giving space to what is there - including the marginalised voices and affects.
'[B]uild[ing] ways of living together that are freely chosen and... committed and responsive to the vulnerable parts of life, including the darkest and ugliest.' (Paolo)

Sensible and Sensory

"Simondon... views the individual in terms of the transindividual processes of individuation that constitute it. The individual is able to participate in the collective because it is already connected to a preindividual reality. It is already more than just an individual, and the social is a part of its own individuation, without itself becoming merely a cog in the individuation of the social. This also fits with Deleuze's notion that the collective is a creative response to problems and needs at the individual level. In other words, the collective does not simply negate the individual. The collective is a part of the individual's own becoming."
Brian C. Simondon on Individuation
Micro and Macro